Picasa Web Albums Widget Creator for New Blogger

Notice - as of May 17, 2007 Picasa Web Albums now offers their own easy to use flash embedded slideshow, effectively making this one obsolete. Picasa Web Albums Now with Slideshows.
Everything here still works, but the native flash presentation from Picasa Web Albums is slicker and probably what you want to use if you want a slideshow.

Instructions on use and comments at the blog post New Blogger Widget for Picasa Web Albums
To use the widget format, you MUST be using New Blogger and a Layouts compatible template. If not, you can copy and paste the generated source for any webpage that can use javascript.

Enter in your Picasa Web Albums Username and then click Submit
If you don't know your username??

Display the Widgets Title
Show as SlideShow
Show Album Title as Header
Show Border Around Image
 Slide Show Speed in Seconds(10 max)
 Number of Images to Display (20 max)
  Size of Thumbnails
# Border Color (in Hex)

Widget Maker Updates
May 14, 2007 - Revamp. Added vertical-horizontal options when not in slideshow mode Numerous CSS styling tweaks - Removed PWA logo option -Changed setup from manual to automatic by retrieving feeds for the username Slideshow given fade out-in transition effect

Mar 22, 2007 - JSON feed format at Picasa Web Albums changed, updated the widget maker to work with the new format. Widgets made before this date will need to be remade/installed. Fixed a few typos, rewrote info urls to the correct blog post, changed posting url from beta.blogger.com to www2.blogger.com as the beta address seemed to cause some issues. Also tweaked a few minor styling settings to work better with some of the standard Blogger template setups. Added smaller image size options.